Colin Hayward is a digital artist, designer and developer based in the UK. He is passionate about the place where people, art, design, illustration, code and computing meet.

Colin’s fascination with computing began with a well loved Commodore Amiga back in the early 90s. Tinkering with both code and programs such as Deluxe Paint  uncovered passions for systems development and design. An education in the visual arts from both University of Northampton and University for the Creative Arts encouraged him to explore the cross-over between the two disciplines.

It wasn’t long before he began to create artworks by programming, exploring self generating book layouts and illustrating concepts of computing using code. He uses pseudo-randomness to generate one of a kind pieces, and real world data sets to give artworks body and basis. He has used these techniques to create private commissions, album artwork and most recently a series of visuals bringing data on EE’s 4G network to life.

Colin has shared his knowledge and experiences by lecturing at degree level in both Graphic Communications and Illustration. He strongly believes in the importance of education and learning, particularly in the digital sector.

Both designer and developer with a passion for all things on screen Colin founded Bletchley Park based Monogram Digital – a creative digital design and development agency – in 2011.

You can contact Colin here.